Join in and have some fun while playing with PlayMotion! PlayMotion is a visually, physically and mentally interactive exhibit that was created by Greg Roberts.

Jump in front of the screen and see what happens. How does the image that is being projected on the wall change? It is not necessary to touch the wall at all - your shadow is what controls the changes that you see happening before your eyes.

Virtual Water:
All of the fun and none of the mess... PlayMotion Virtual Water is a visually stunning playground where the movement of your body sends realistic waves and ripples through a sheet of liquid fun. Check it out!

My Solar System:
Our Solar System - a perennial favorite for adults and children alike. Imagine you are a titan as you manipulate the planets of our solar system with your own arms and hands. Protect the Earth from rogue asteroids within the shelter of your outstretched arms, or take out your frustrations by pummeling Mars or Venus into oblivion. Whats more, as you catch and hold a planet, an information bubble appears displaying a relevant scientific fact. Check it out!