Our merger is complete!

The Children’s Museum of Science and Technology (CMOST) and the Scotia Glenville Children’s Museum (The Traveling Museum) merged in April, 2016 to facilitate STE(a)M learning at an early age through unique educational experiences.

CMOST and the Traveling Museum served remarkably complimentary missions. Our merger provides an opportunity to significantly advance those missions, supporting our shared educational pedagogy and broadening the scope and impact of our programs and initiatives. This union propels our parallel visions to create a dynamic internal and external educational resource; positioning the Museum as your go-to for STE(a)M learning.

What does that mean for you?

United in our commitment to inspire the Region’s children, the merger provides you with:Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/bees.jpg

  • Access to exceptional STE(a)M learning opportunities
  • Enhanced access to the programs you have come to rely upon to fulfill your curriculum
  • Access to a combined 98 years of experience fostering children’s creativity and critical thinking skills

We have defined core initiatives that reflect the strengths of our shared past. All of our programs are unique, fun, and engaging experiences that allow children to learn through play. All programs are led by a museum educator, and will immerse children in hands-on STE(a)M exhibits and activities:

  • On Site Programs – discover our daily selection of programs and activities, find out about home school programs, or Scout Programs and more!
  • Early Learners –designed for children ages 2-5 years and their caregivers, these hands-on sensory STE(a)M play activities include Sensory Play, My Parent and Me and CMOST PreK Traveling Programs
  • Field trips – bring your students to the Museum to explore, discover, and imagine the exciting world of science and technology. Museum Educator-led programs are tailored to specific grade levels for students grades Pre-K through 8
  • Traveling Programs - Can't get your group to The Museum? Let CMOST bring The Museum to you! In-school and beyond the classroom, CMOST Traveling Programs provide Museum Educator-led, hands-on inquiry-based activities, which turn your classroom, library or community center into a learning laboratory.
  • Afterschool Programs - Students are introduced to a variety of science, technology, engineering and math concepts in our multi-week STE(a)M based after school series

CMOST programs are standards-based and designed to help students learn at their own pace and ability level. Our interactive programs offer a rich cross-pollination between Science, Math, Engineering, Technology, History, Literacy and the Arts.

Our goal, moving forward, is to bring the spirit, vitality and individuality of our former organizations into a new, united world-class museum. We will continually evaluate how to better accomplish what we do and how we do it, to assure that we are effectively delivering the programming that you need.

Under the unified name the Children’s Museum of Science and Technology, our administrative office will be located at the existing CMOST location at 250 Jordan Road, Troy, NY.

  • Ready to book your program? Give us a call 518.235.2120
  • Need a bit more information? Give us a call 518.235.2120 or drop us a line museum@sunypoly.edu

CMOST Supports STE(a)M by offering…

  • Standards-connected programs in science, technology, engineering, the arts & humanities and math
  • Age-appropriate, discovery-oriented learning opportunities
  • Collaborative group processes incorporated into each program
  • Ample time to observe, manipulate, and understand concepts through hands-on exhibits
  • Opportunity to develop critical thinking skills as participants work in groups and exchange ideas freely
  • Reinforcement of existing knowledge by providing tie-ins to classroom curriculum and progress
  • Fun and engaging learning opportunities, encouraging participants to learn to love learning