SUNY Poly CMOST - miniMake

Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/minimake.jpgSUNY Poly CMOST's miniMake programs are designed specifically for children to direct their own learning as they create!

Why We "Make" at SUNY Poly CMOST?
Making changes the way that we teach science and engage children to participate with it. We invite children to be the inventors, blow the doors open on the "science lab," and tap into their creativity and science capability.

Why Children Should Participate in SUNY Poly CMOST's miniMake programs?
Participating in this program will give children a different perspective on science and will help them explore what they are capable of creating. Additionally children will benefit by:

  • Using imagination to dream, invent and build
  • Collaborating in a team setting
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Harnessing critical thinking skills to problem solve

Upcoming miniMake Programs:

  • February 12 – LED Valentines: Share the love of circuitry this Valentine’s Day. Use a battery and LED to add an extra element to your Valentine design.  
  • February 26 – Building with Strawbees: Bring your design to life using Strawbees, a prototyping tool empowering kids with a simple way to make complex connections. 

 Pre-registration required with a maximum of 15 participants, activity included with museum admission. Materials fee of $5 per child. Ages 6+.

For more information, please contact the Museum at 518-235-2120 or at