Nano Exploration

Our Nano Exhibit will be traveling this summer to make room for the Native Voices exhibition

The nanoexploration exhibit is all about the science of the small, and includes hands-on activities, as well as books and reading boards.

What We're Learning

  • Inquiry
  • Modeling
  • Size & Scale
  • Engineering Design
  • Systems
  • Technology Education

Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/nano_exploration.jpgNanotechnology

Build a giant carbon nanotube; use your "spy skills" to find examples of nano products and phenomena as part of several interactive challenges; build a stable nano future on a tippy table; spin disks to compare the effects of static electricity and gravity - let's explore together!

NYS Curriculum Standards      

  • MST 1 - Scientific Inquiry, Engineering Design
  • MST 2 - Information Systems
  • MST 5 - Engineering Design
  • MST 6 - Interconnectedness: Common Themes Key Idea 1, 2, 3, 5
  • MST 7 - Interdisciplinary Problem Solving Key Idea 1

Drop-in Activities:

Make It & Take It - Visit SUNY Poly CMOST to learn about the engineering concepts behind everyday objects. Children will be able to engage in a hands-on engineering challenge! No pre-registration required, activity included with museum admission. Recommended for ages 5+. Please visit our detailed calendar for exact dates & activities offered.

Science Cart Demos - Join SUNY Poly CMOST educators as we experiment and investigate science together with you. These presentations explore a variety of scientific concepts from live animal ecology to nanotechnology and more! Approximately 20 minutes in length and recommended for grades K-12 and adults. Free with Museum Admission. Please visit our Detailed Calendar and click 'Daily Schedule' for exact times this presentation is offered.

Educators: Reserve a Field Trip!