Summer Camp 2017

Senior Explorers Camp - SUNY Poly CMOST's Senior Explorers camps are for children entering 3rd through 5th grade. The curriculum includes science experiments and project-based learning activities through which children have the opportunity to both master scientific concepts and to demonstrate that mastery by presenting their discoveries to visitors and other campers in the Museum. Senior Explorers camp runs from 9 am - 4 pm.

Price: member - $225   |   future member: $260 
*Pricing for July 5th week: Members: $135   |   Future Members: $156.

Before Care and After Care is provided: Before Care (8 to 9 a.m.) / After Care (4 to 5 p.m.) will cost an additional $30 per week per camper. Pre-registration is required.

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Code Dates Camp
201  June 26 – June 30  Game Makers
202  July 5 – July 7*  Robomakers - Registration is Full
203  July 10 – July 14   Lights, Camera, Action!
204  July 17 – July 21  Action, Re-Action!
205  July 24 – July 28   Carnival Science
206  July 31 – August 4  Game Makers
207  August 7 – August 11  Robomakers - Registration is Full
208  August 14 – August 18   Action, Re-Action! - A few spots remaining
209 August 21 – August 25   Lights, Camera, Action! - Registration is Full
210  August 28 – September 1  Science All-Stars - Registration is Full


Game Makers: (Code 201 & 206) Do you love games? Ever wondered what it takes to create your own? Explore everything from the classic board game to video games as we design games ourselves.

Robomakers: (Code 202 & 207) Have you ever experimented with robotics? Join SUNY Poly CMOST for this camp to gain experience designing, building, and programming robots! Campers will use an assortment of Lego kits, robotics kits and more to explore different scientific concepts.

Lights, Camera, Action!: (Code 203 & 209) Make a movie from start to finish using stop motion animation! Campers will create a storyboard, build a set, develop scene transitions, and edit a film to perfection. On the last day, SUNY Poly CMOST will host a movie premiere for the campers.

Action, Re-Action! (Code 204 & 208) For every action there’s an equal an opposite reaction or so they say.  Join us in this hands-on science camp where we will investigate a variety of simple machines through experimentation, design Rube Goldberg machines and create incredible chain reactions.

Carnival Science: (Code 205) Have you ever investigated the science at the circus?  Join CMOST staff as we discover the scientific principles at play when you juggle, walk a tight rope and so much more.  Camper will explore a variety of topics as they become performers in their own CMOST circus.

Science All-Stars: (Code 210) Join CMOST for our “best of” summer camp.  We’ll have a different theme every day and participants will get to dive right in to the best experiments, projects and more from 2017 summer camp.  Close your summer up with an exciting week of fun hands-on science at CMOST.  

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