CNSE CMOST at School

Can't get your class to The Museum?

Let CNSE CMOST bring The Museum to you!

CNSE CMOST at School programs are incredibly popular and provide a great educational opportunity featuring hands-on science activities.

For Pre-K through 8th grade

Animal Tales (Pre-K - Kindergarten)

Have you ever wondered what the animals of a story book would be like if you could meet them? Join CNSE CMOST as we meet the live animal stars from some of your favorite storybooks. Together we will read their stories, meet the animal stars and then learn about their real lives in this exciting animal story hour.

Look, Listen, & Touch (Pre-K - 1st grade)
Can you smell with your tongue? Can you see in the dark? Jump in and learn all about senses in this hands-on exploratory program. We will learn about our own five senses as well of those of some of the animals that live at The Museum through experimenting at our sense stations. Students will have the opportunity to see like a bug, play musical instruments and more!

Habitat Hunters! (Pre-K - 1st grade)
What is a habitat? Who lives there? Join CNSE CMOST staff as we answer these questions and many more in this fun and exciting habitat exploration. Children will discover different habitats and their residents, create a unique habitat craft and read a habitat story!

Exploring Color (2nd - 5th grade)
Have you ever experimented with color and all its possibilities? Do you know what happens when you mix colors together and that you can then pull them back apart? Students will experiment with primary and secondary colors in this hands-on color-fun class.

Matter, Matter, Everywhere (2nd - 5th grade)
Through many fun and fascinating science experiments children will delve into an exploration of matter. Investigate the three states of matter, the size of atoms and molecules and, various different types of chemical reactions.

What's the Weather? (2nd - 5th grade)
Where does our weather come from? Kids will work actively to answer this question while performing hands on experiments with air pressure, wind direction, the water cycle and various other weather elements.

Electrifying Science (3rd - 5th grade)
Join CNSE CMOST in an exploration of electricity! Discover the fundamentals of electricity in this hands-on science program. We will investigate static, experiment with a Van de Graaf generator and explore magnetics with various experiments in this hair-raising science class.

Investigations in Energy (4th - 6th grade)
What is energy and how does it work? Students will investigate energy as it transfers from one type to another in this hands-on science program. We'll also examine different energy sources and learn about the cool new alternative energy sources of the future.

Our River, Our Responsibility (4th - 6th grade)
Join CNSE CMOST in this hands-on investigation of the Hudson River and its watershed. Students will be introduced to stream ecology, meet live Hudson River Valley residents and more in this exciting exploration of the river that flows both ways!

Small Science (6th - 8th grade)
It's teeny tiny and it's science. Join us for this introduction to nanotechnology! Students will explore the world of small as they experiment with the unusual properties of things at the nanoscale and investigate real world applications of nano. Join us as we get really really small and explore the new trend in science that is really, really big!

These programs are designed for groups of up to 25 children at a time.

We can do multiple programs at one location for a discounted price.

Each CNSE CMOST at School program lasts approximately one hour.

Program Pricing Chart

Outreach, 1 program
Outreach, 2+ programs

Mileage Pricing Chart

Round-Trip Mileage Fee

We require a non-refundable $75 deposit or voucher/PO# to RESERVE your CNSE CMOST at School date. No refunds or credit will be given for cancellations made within one week of a scheduled visit.

Please contact our Reservations desk at 518.235.2120

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