February Science Vacation Camps
For kids 5 – 11 years old


Children will be placed in camp groups according to age. 
There will be a group for 5-7 yr olds and 8-11 yr olds.


Monday, February 17 Full
DaVinci Science
Are you interested in art & science?  So was Leonardo DaVinci! Join us to learn about the many things he contributed to both disciplines as we experiment with artistic mediums and scientific experiments.    


Tuesday, February 18 Full
Silly Liquid Lab
This camp will be a hands-on investigation of liquids.  Campers will immerse themselves in the study of liquids as they experiment with buoyancy, density and much more!


Wednesday, February 19 Full
Space Rocks!
Have you ever wondered how the craters on the moon were made or what the surface of Saturn is like?  Join us in an exploration of space geology! Make craters, design your own planet to take home and more as you discover why space rocks!


Thursday, February 20 Full
Crazy Colors
What’s so crazy about color?  Join CNSE CMOST as we explore ghost colors, experiment with the color wheel and figure out if black is really black in this hands-on science camp!

Friday, February 21
Opposites Attract
Have you ever mapped magnetic fields, created lightning or made a circuit by holding hands?  Join us for this hands-on class in magnets and energy!


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CNSE CMOST Members:   
$40.00 per day per camper

$45.00 per day per camper

Extended Camp Care

Before Care: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Additional fee of $6 per day per camper

After Care: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Additional fee of $6 per day per camper

Extended Camp Care is only available with pre-registration.

Each camp includes:  Educational materials, craft supplies, and a daily snack. 
(Lunch is not included)

We require a minimum of 8 participants to run camps, so invite your friends to come along with you to explore and discover the world of science and technology.  If we do not meet our minimum number, the program will be cancelled 10 days prior to the start date of the camp.  You will be notified by phone and email.

School Break Camp Emergency Forms

Camp Gift Certificates are available.
Contact CMOST at 518-235-2120 to purchase your gift certificate today!