Molecularium in Motion!

CNSE CMOST's Molecularium In Motion programs is the incredibly popular educational experience that provides great hands-on learning opportunities and activities related to the NYS curriculum standards.

This traveling program is perfect for school science nights, grade level programs at your school, school assemblies and afterschool science enrichment programs. The Molecularium In Motion! is most appropriate for students in grades 1 through 5, but can be tailored to fit other specific levels.

The Molecularium In Motion! presentation consists of a 30 minute educator led program in which students explore the different states of matter through hands-on experimentation, transform themselves into atoms and molecules and then concludes with a 30 minute viewing of MoleculariumôRiding Snowflakes, a full dome movie in a portable dome brought to your location.

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New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science and Technology:

Standard 1 - Analysis, Inquiry and Design (Scientific Inquiry)
Standard 3 - Mathematics (Measurement)
Standard 4 - Science (Physical Setting)
Standard 6 - Interconnectedness (Systems Thinking, Models, Magnitude & Scale)

Space Requirements:

This program requires an empty 25' x 25' x 11' space to inflate the portable dome.

Seating Capacity:

This program and full dome experience is designed for groups of up to 25 children at a time. CNSE CMOST staff will assist in dividing larger groups into smaller groups.

Program Pricing

Program Price
Molecularium In Motion
(First presentation)

Molecularium In Motion
2+ programs


Mileage Pricing Chart

Miles Round-Trip Mileage Fee
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We require a non-refundable $75 deposit or voucher/PO# to RESERVE your outreach date. No refunds or credit will be given for cancellations made within one week of a scheduled visit.

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