Birthday Party Themes



Have you ever wondered what turtles eat? Or how a snake moves? What about why a bunny has such large eyes? Learn about the animal world through a hands-on presentation led by your CMOST educator.

Be a bubblologist, Perform bubble magic tricks and make different colored bubbles. Join us to experiment with the magic, science and art of bubbles during this wild and crazy birthday party.

Be a paleontologist for your birthday and learn about the massive size of dinosaurs, meet their reptilian cousins from Operation W.I.L.D. and use simple tools to unearth "fossils" that you and your party guests can then take home!

Join us as we explore the planets in our solar system and try to answer the question of just how big and far away they might be! You and your party guests will also design your own rocket ship and watch it launch!

Join us in this hands-on exploration of some "magical" science experiments. These cool tricks will introduce chemistry, the states of matter and physical and chemical changes. Your birthday guests will also make cool silly putty to take home!

They are creepy and they are crawly! Join us and learn about the various kinds of insects, arachnids, and other arthropods that live at CNSE CMOST! Then put what you have learned to work as we head outside on a bug hunt of our own!

*This party is offered seasonally from May through September, and the outside activity is weather dependent.