Science Enrichment Program

Perfect for homeschoolers, community groups and more.

Thursday afternoons
1:00 - 2:30 PM
Age groups: 5-7 years and 8-11 years
Sessions for each age group held concurrently

Thursday September 18
Seasonal Cycles
Are you interested in learning about the science behind the four seasons? Join CNSE CMOST staff in this experiential lab class that explores the seasons and the natural world.

Thursday, October 16
Forensic Science
Do you want to learn the science behind solving crimes? In this lab we will investigate the techniques that forensic scientists use, like finger printing and DNA analysis, to help solve crimes. Join CNSE CMOST staff for this hands-on class.

Thursday, November 20
Weather Wonders
Rain, thunder, snow and sun are just a few of the possible weather conditions that we could experience! Join CNSE CMOST for an investigation into meteorology. Participants will learn about the important components of weather, construct at home weather monitoring tools and more.

Thursday, December 18
The Physics of Toys
Join us to discover how a yo-yo winds itself back up, where bouncy balls get their bounce, and how movies and stereoscopes make things look 3D. Explore the physics behind these and other common toys, and make your own toy to take home!

Thursday, January 15
The Wonders of Winter - An Ecology Class
Did you know that animals can be found living in the layers of a snowpack? Join CNSE CMOST as we investigate this and more about the ecology of the winter months in New York State. Weather permitting, portions of this class will be held outdoors, so please dress appropriately.

Thursday, February 12
Heart Science
Spread the love of discovery and adventure using a real cow's heart. Hands-on activities will build on children's natural enthusiasm and teach about the circulatory system, how the heart works, and its size and location in the body. Participants will listen to their own hearts, hear how activity changes the heart's rhythm, and investigate learn about the difference between veins and arteries through hands-on dissection of a cow's heart.

Thursday, March 19
Too Small To See
What is nanotechnology and why is it important in our modern world? Join us for this investigation into all things small! We will experiment with nano gold, ferro fluids and more in this hands-on science lab. Participants will also have the opportunity to play fun and exciting nano games!

Thursday, April 23
It's Air-stounding
Join us as we investigate the various layers of air in our atmosphere and learn all about its amazing properties. Participants will be able to fly airplanes, experiment with parachutes and launch objects while exploring the scientific properties of the air that surrounds us!

Thursday, May 21
Earth Science Investigators
Join CNSE CMOST as we delve into the world of earth science! We'll learn about the composition of the earth, different kinds of rocks and Pangea. Who knows, maybe we'll even dig up a dinosaur!


The cost for each program is $6.00 per child. 

To register for a program, please call 518-235-2120 or download the registration form and return to CNSE CMOST via email

Pre-registration is required for all Science Enrichment programs and class size is limited, so register early.  Registration is not complete without payment.