My Parent and Me

Next session starts in November

Wednesday and Saturday classes!

9:30 AM to 10:30 AM on both days

A five-week session for preschoolers that provides a chance for kids and parents to interact, explore, imagine and discover the world of science.

The "My Parent & Me" Science Class is a chance for kids and parents to interact, explore, imagine and discover the world of science. All programs include arts and crafts, singing and movement activities and a preschool educational program that is sure to captivate your toddler's sense of wonder and discovery.

November 12 & 15: Let's Be Sense-able
Can you smell with your tongue? Can you see in the dark? Join our exploration of the senses! Learn about your own senses and those of some of the museum animals, and create a sense-able craft. We will continue our sense exploration for the remaining weeks.


December 10 & 13: The Sounds Around
What is making that sound and where is it coming from? Join as we explore the sounds around us. Children will work together to make an ear craft to take home!

November 19 & 22: Do You See What I See?
Join CNSE CMOST as we investigate the sense of sight! We will examine why animals have eyes and the different ways in which they use them. Kids will experiment with camouflage, read a story and more in this hands-on science class.


December 17 & 20: A Taste Testing
Experiment with your sense of taste in this fun class about taste buds. We will learn about taste buds, explore why animals need to eat to survive and more in this class. Children will hear a story, feed some of the museum animals and create a craft to take home to feed their neighborhood animals.

December 3 & 6: Sniff It Out
Explore your sense of smell in this class! Join us as we work together to discover your sense of smell, create a stinky craft to take home and meet an animal that uses its nose to help it survive!


Pricing for this five-week session:
(for one adult & one child)
CNSE CMOST Members: $60.00
Non-Members: $85.00
Each additional child: $40.00
Full payment is required to register for this program.

Download the November My Parent & Me schedule & registration form!

For more information on upcoming My Parent and Me sessions, please contact the Museum at 518-235-2120 or at