Junior Discoverer Camps


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

6/23 - 6/27
Musical Mysteries $200 M/ $225 NM
6/30 - 7/3*
GIST - Baking Up Some Science 101 $160 M/ $180 NM
6/30 - 7/3*
Lights, Camera, LEGOs! FULL
$160 M/ $180 NM
7/7 - 7/11
Life in a Tree from A to Z
$200 M/ $225 NM
7/14 - 7/18
Make It & Take It 101 FULL
$200 M/ $225 NM
7/21 - 7/25
Silly Science Fun FULL
$200 M/ $225 NM
7/21 - 7/25
GIST - Sparkling Science
$200 M/ $225 NM
7/28 - 8/1
Musical Mysteries $200 M/ $225 NM
8/4 - 8/8
Lights, Camera, LEGOs! FULL
$200 M/ $225 NM
8/11 - 8/15
Life in a Tree from A to Z $200 M/ $225 NM
111 8/18 - 8/22 Make It & Take It 101 $200 M/ $225 NM
112 8/18 - 8/22 GIST - Baking Up Some Science 101 $200 M/ $225 NM
8/25 - 8/29
Silly Science Fun FULL
$200 M/ $225 NM
M = Members; NM = Non-Members
CNSE CMOST will not be running camp on July 4, 2014, all camp pricing is pro-rated for the week.

GIST – Baking Up Some Science 101
Did you know that you are experimenting with science when baking cookies and cakes?  Join CNSE CMOST staff as we explore the chemistry behind baking!   We will create cool concoctions, edible gifts and more as we work together in this female-only camp!

GIST: Sparkling Science
In this female-only camp we will experiment with the science of things that sparkle! Campers will examine gemstones, create sparkling finger paint, invent lotion and much more.

Life in a Tree from A to Z
Join us as we venture into the woods to study trees! Learn how trees grow, discover what lives in them and determine the lifespan of a tree. Camper will enjoy this hands-on exploration of trees through games, crafts, science experiments and more.

Lights, Camera, LEGOs!
Make a movie from start to finish with the Digital Blue™ Movie Maker program. Campers will create a story board, build a set, develop scene transitions, and edit a film to perfection.  On the last day, CNSE CMOST will host a movie premiere for the campers and their families.

Make It & Take It 101
Join the staff at CNSE CMOST as we explore the Maker Movement. We’ll experiment with creating our own toys, building a marble run, playing with MaKey MaKey and more!  Children will immerse themselves in the world of invention as we encourage them to discover their own creative maker inside!

Musical Mysteries
It’s a magical, mystical, science camp! Join us as we explore the science behind sound, discover the intricacies of how instruments work and create our own musical instruments. The week will end with a mini concert put on by the CNSE CMOST campers.

Silly Science Fun
In this science camp campers will explore the science of toys as they create various types of silly putty, discover the tastier side of science by making their own ice cream and examine the physics of a rollercoaster!