From Fossils... To Energy

Dino DiscoveryUploaded Image: /uploads/images/Dino sm.jpg

Meet Coelophysis, Allosaurus and Triceratops. Let's learn about size and scale - compare how your handprint measures up to their trackprints; what's for dinner? Can you deduce from a dino's teeth what they like to eat?

What we're learning

  • Fossils
  • Size & Scale
  • Physical Traits

Wind Power

Discover how powerful the wind can be as an energy source in this new interactive exhibit. See if you can generate enough power with the wind turbines to light an entire city! This exhibit is made possible by the generous support of NYSERDA.

Solar HouseUploaded Image: /uploads/images/solar - sm.jpg

Explore this hands on interactive Solar House and learn more about the green technology of solar power at CMOST's Solar House. This exhibit enables children and families to discover the uses and ways that solar power can be utilized in their homes. This exhibit is made possible through the contribution of GE volunteers.

What we're learning

  • Inquiry
  • Modeling
  • Systems
  • Energy Uses
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Technology Use