Science Enrichment Labs

Winter-Spring 2019

Thursday afternoons

1:00 – 2:30 PM

Age groups: 6-8 years and 9-12 years

Perfect for home-schoolers!

Sessions for each age group are held concurrently on the topic.

Are you a home-schooler looking for hands-on, minds-on STE(a)M based learning experiences for your child? Join CMOST educators and participate in a variety of hands-on learning activities.  See below for dates and programs. Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/Homeschool - Science Crew Nov-1.jpg

January 10th
What You See Is What You Get: Vision Science 

What you see is what you get … or is it? Join us for this hands-on science lab where participants will investigate the science of vision. Explore how your eyes work, dissect a cow’s eye for further examination and explore some cool optical illusions and the science behind them!

February 7th
Ready, Set, Reaction

Join us in this adventure in chemistry. We’ll experiment with reactions, while blowing up bubbles, mixing chemicals and more in this hands-on lab! Students will learn all about the molecular world, physical and chemical reactions and create a polymer to take home in this exploration of chemistry.

March 7th
The Science of Technology 

How has technology changed since you were born? How about from the time your grandparents were born? We will explore some of the changes in technology, explore technology from days gone by and then work with newer technology to gain a better understanding of coding.

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April 11th
Life Cycles

Investigate the differences and the similarities in animal life cycles. We will complete puzzles, play games and even meet live animals from our collection, to help us better understand life in the animal kingdom.

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May 9th
Building Bridges: Strength and Design 

Have you ever been amazed by the structure of a bridge, or wondered how it could be strong enough to hold the weight that crosses it every day? Join CMOST staff as we take a look at the design process and then build bridges, using a variety of materials. How many pennies can yours hold?

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June 13th
The Science of Ice Cream 

For our end of the year “party” we will learn about the science behind one of our favorite treats. Once we know the history and the science, we will make our own ice cream to enjoy. A soy alternative is available. Please advise us of any special requirements when you reserve your spot.

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All home school programs are offered for children age 6-8 and 9-12. Placement in classes will be based upon the child’s date of birth. To register for a program, please call 518-235-2120 or complete the registration form below and return to CMOST. In order to ensure quality teaching and to create a conductive learning environment pre-registration is required for all Home School programs. Participants must be registered by close of business the day prior to the program. Registration is not complete without payment.  Children cannot be left unattended at The Museum under any circumstances. 

Pricing for science enrichment labs:

  • Individual Session(s):           $9.00
  • Each additional child:            $8.00  

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