Nano Exploration

The nanoexploration exhibit is all about the science of the small, and includes hands-on activities, as well as books and reading boards.

What We're LearningUploaded Image: /uploads/images/076.JPG

  • Inquiry
  • Modeling
  • Size & Scale
  • Engineering Design
  • Systems
  • Technology Education


Build a giant carbon nanotube; use your "spy skills" to find examples of nano products and phenomena as part of several interactive challenges; build a stable nano future on a tippy table; spin disks to compare the effects of static electricity and gravity - let's explore together!

NYS Curriculum Standards      

  • MST 1 - Scientific Inquiry, Engineering DesignUploaded Image: /uploads/images/nano_exploration.jpg
  • MST 2 - Information Systems
  • MST 5 - Engineering Design
  • MST 6 - Interconnectedness: Common Themes Key Idea 1, 2, 3, 5
  • MST 7 - Interdisciplinary Problem Solving Key Idea 1


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