Nature Place

The Nature Place allows your child to explore the natural world and learn about plants, animals, the weather, and our natural resources. Encompassing both Operation W.I.L.D. "Working In the Living Domain" and the Living Hudson River exhibitions Nature Place features CMOST's living collection of exotic animal species (from snakes to rabbits to owls to legless lizards & more). CMOST's living collection is housed in an interactive and sensory stimulating environment that invite even our smallest visitors to explore habitat, related species, geographical distribution, camouflage and conservation to name a few.

Our 75-foot long Living Indoor Hudson River exhibit allows visitors to travel from the river's source in the Adirondacks all the way to its end, the Atlantic Ocean meeting some of the river's inhabitants along the way. Discover the unique environment of one of America's most historically significant tidal rivers.

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  • Inquiry
  • Modeling
  • Systems
  • Life Cycles
  • Adaptations
  • Food Chains
  • Human Impacts on Natural Environments


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