Request a Donation from CMOST


As a not-for profit organization, CMOST is committed to helping to build a strong community by supporting other non-profits in achieving their missions. CMOST offers:

  • Museum admission tickets
  • To present in-kind programs at special events, science nights, community gatherings
  • To collect sought after items – children’s books, socks, mittens, nonperishable food, etc
  • Significantly discounted or waived facility rental rates for nonprofit events

All requests for donations must be submitted TWO MONTHS in advance of the event, and must include the following:  

  • A written request on organizational letterhead describing the organization, its mission and audience; the event name, date, and brief description; and expected event attendance; and
  • A copy of your 501(c)3 letter to verify non-profit status.

Mail your request to:

Attn: Donation Request
Children’s Museum of Science + Technology
250 Jordan Road Troy, NY 12180

Email requests may be submitted to:

info@cmost.orgSubject: Donation Request

Please note:

  • We receive multiple requests for donations each month. CMOST reserves the right to limit the number of donations approved at any given time.
  • Submitting a request does not guarantee a donation.
  • Donations received in previous years do not guarantee approval.
  • Donated tickets may not be resold or transferred to another fundraising effort. 
  • While there is no geographic restriction, priority is given to those serving children and families in the Capital Region.
  • One request per organization will be considered per calendar year
  • CMOST’s standard donation for a silent auction, gift basket, fundraiser, etc. is four museum admission tickets, plus a Museum logoed item ($40 value).
  • Our base in-kind donation to participate in a STEAM Fair, Science Night, Special Event, etc is $250 value (one educator, two-hour program, materials and travel); this value scales up with the need for an additional educator or increased travel distance
  • Organizations seeking tickets beyond the standard donation are encouraged to contact the Museum to discuss a discounted “bundle” ticket purchase. The ticket bundle, available for purchases of more than 20 tickets, is a 25% discount. Contact CMOST at 518.235.2120 to purchase ticket bundles.