Sun, Earth, Universe

The Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition is on display at CMOST as part of a nationwide effort designed to engage Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/sun_earth_logo_hs_color_deep_blue.pngaudiences in the awe-inspiring fields of Earth and space science.

Packed with engaging, hands-on interactive exhibits and dazzling imagery, this 600-square-foot exhibition will connect visitors with current NASA science research and launch them on a journey to explore the universe! How is the Earth changing? What is it like on other planets? Does life exist beyond Earth? What’s happening on the Sun, and how does it affect us? Sun, Earth, Universe is a new exhibition about our planet, the solar system, and the universe, and the big questions NASA is trying to answer about each.

Sun, Earth, Universe includes fun and compelling exhibits for visitors of all ages. Follow the design-build-test cycle of Uploaded Image: /uploads/images/design_build_test_1-4-18.jpgengineering and build a model spacecraft for your own mission to space. Spin a tumbler of 10,000 beads, representing all the stars we can see from Earth to search for the unique one that represents our Sun. Reveal hidden images using the same tools NASA scientists employ to explore the otherwise invisible forces and energy of the universe. Take a break in the seating area and play the Your Mission to Space board game, or help younger visitors pilot rovers across the Mars landscape play table. These fun experiences (and many more!) introduce visitors to ongoing NASA research in the fields of heliophysics, Earth science, planetary science, astrophysics, and encourage them to imagine what the future of Earth and space science might hold.

Learn more about Earth and space with your mobile device. Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition companion mobile website:

What we're learning

  • Earth and Space Science
  • Climate and Weather
  • Water and Oceans
  • Atmosphere
  • Astronomy
  • Earth, Moon and Sun
  • Solar System

Sun Earth Universe exhibition promotional trailer video from NISE Network on Vimeo.